It’s happened again…
While wrapping up a session with a client who had chosen a SmileBond restoration, we finished polishing, sat her up, and handed her a mirror.  There was eager anticipation, then surprise, and then – Tears of Joy!

This restoration is a very dramatic before and after result, and frankly even I was surprised. The front two teeth (central incisors) were both previously placed crowns by another dentist.  The incisors were somewhat asymmetrical and not quite the same color, but the client was unable to proceed with remakes at that time.  As a result, we were working on the next few lateral teeth, to balance out color and symmetry.  So, I was not expecting miracles.  We diligently did our thing – and Wow!, the results were stunning.  (Go figure.  I’ve only been doing this for 15 years, and even I can take for granted the power of designed smile enhancements with SmileBond restorations).
When one feels confident of one’s smile, the (7th cranial nerve) muscles can relax and participate fully in joyous facial expression.  Prior to treatment, our client’s exact words were: “Oh – I never smile with my teeth.” (Meaning: “I never smile showing my teeth.”).  How sad is that?  She is an attractive and affable lady.  So when she saw her balanced, improved/restored smile, the impact was instant, and thrilling.  The SmileBond process provided our client the final piece of the puzzle, to unlock the hidden beauty of her smile.

We just completed another SmileBond make-over.  This one involved eight upper front teeth and was notable because of uneven and asymmetrical tooth positions, as well as moderate to severe underlying localized staining.  The process took a relaxed 3.5 hours with several “stand-up-and-stretch” breaks.  Again we achieved stunning results with another true transformation, exceeding our collective expectations.  We are so pleased to be able to offer this life-changing service!  This client had described lifelong problems and dissatisfaction with her teeth and yet, in one restorative SmileBond session, the transformation was complete!  (The staff happily dubbed March 2011 as “Sleeping Beauty Month” because some of our wonderful clients have “awakened” to the joy of a beautiful smile, and will now allow their hidden inner and outer beauty to shine with confidence, because of SmileBond Systems).

Time Flies When…
It’s hard to believe that we’ve already completed the first quarter of 2011. Here are a few recent updates regarding the SmileBond business model:

  • We were invited to demonstrate SmileBond Systems for a major US-based international dental products manufacturing company.  Conversations with one of their reps lead to meetings with their new products director and an exchange of non-disclosure agreements.  I was then flown out to company headquarters for a facilities tour and to present a live demonstration of the SmileBond process.  Because of differing long-term objectives, we’ve mutually agreed not to proceed, but my sense of purpose and excitement for the continuing development of the SBS business model was greatly enhanced.  Meetings have been scheduled with other interested parties as we seek to build a team approach for making the joys of SmileBond Systems available to a worldwide market.
  • We have also been granted trademark rights for the SmileBond Systems name and logo.  Kudos to owner Bob Bishop, and graphic artist Brad Douglas of Future Media of Okemos MI on a fabulous job of logo and website design.  I can’t help but smile every time I see the SmileBond logo.  I think it turned out perfectly and instantly expresses what SmileBond Systems is all about.
  • Also, our second SmileBond technical patent request is currently under review by the US Patent Office.  It can take up to two years to complete this process and we are about half way through it.  We have also secured foreign patent rights on this second patent idea.
  • Again, thanks to all our SmileBond clients who prove the benefits of SmileBond restoration every day, and for all of you who have read my blogs.  Your comments are very much appreciated.  If we can be of service to you and your loved ones, please contact us.   If you have questions about SmileBond Systems or dentistry in general, post them to our blog or send an email, and we will try a Q&A format if that is helpful.

Healthy Smiles,

Dr. Bill


Recently, I was performing a “wax up” for an upcoming case using stone models of a new client’s existing teeth.  I gradually added and sculpted wax to the models to correct for wear, fractures, spaces, and other damage and mis-alignments.  I then replaced the wax with state-of-the art bonding materials during the finishing process to correct problems and to restore ideal shape and function to the teeth.

As I worked, I realized I was grinning!  Relaxation, enthusiasm, joy and eager anticipation are all part of the process of guiding a patient from start to finish in the restorative process.  I wondered what the cause might be for my happy and fulfilled state of mind.

After some thought, I determined that:

  • teeth in their ideal form (undamaged, unworn and in ideal alignment) convey a youthful aura.  As I perform these wax-ups and visualize the restorative process for a particular patient, I get caught up in a sense of joyful exuberance. Young looking teeth suggest youthful appearances and attitudes…and that often leads to smiling!
  • restoration can have a profound impact for our clients.  We often see dramatic improvements in appearance (cosmetics/esthetics), and in function (speech/phonetics, and chewing/mastication).  Having performed many restorations, I remember the post-op smiles and hugs and high-fives, when patients view and feel their restorations for the first time.  I can’t help but grin a bit, knowing that…
  • I firmly trust that my forms and models will be accurately and quickly transferred to the teeth in the patient’s mouth, using our patented SmileBond process.
  • I’ve come to realize that when working up a case, I have achieved what many seek: doing work that I love and enjoy for a living, and HAVING TOO MUCH FUN doing it!

Sincere thanks to our clients and others who have taken time to visit our SmileBond website, and post on the blogs.  We were also invited to write articles for a great new Lansing area publication, Patient in Charge.  Look for our articles in the July and August 2010 issues.

2010 has been a busy and productive year for SmileBond restorations.  THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT FOR BONDING.  Call us if you have questions.

Dr. Bill