Oral Hygiene at All Ages

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Every tiny tooth that appears in a baby’s gummy little mouth is exciting! Yet as each one pops up, the reality sets in that they aren’t just decorative: they require care and supervision. For the diligent parent, this is a time of learning and teaching a child the importance of dental hygiene. At Trillium Dental, we’re here to help you and your family navigate the journey for each tooth, from months old to adulthood. We’ve explored dental care across the ages, and offer our recommendations and tips to keep those pearly whites shining!

From No Teeth to Teeth

Teething: While every baby is different, the teething process can start as young as six months old. Front bottom or top teeth commonly come in first, and before you even notice, more will be showing up with speed. As all parents can attest to, the teething months can be difficult. Your smiley baby may be in discomfort at times, and providing cool things to chew on is a way to help alleviate the pain. From plastic teething rings, wet washcloths, and even your finger, find what safe options exist to keep baby happy.

Fluoride or Not? For many parents, the decision to use fluoride or not can be a confusing one. The American Dental Association says that decades of scientific research shows that an optimal level of fluoride in our water is safe and effective in preventing tooth decay in adults and children. The ADA offers these recommendations for children. However, we recognize that other reputable organizations are opposed to children using additional fluoride. We recommend talking to your dentist at Trillium about your concerns. We are here to help you make the decision that’s best for your family.

Schedule An Appointment: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child go to the dentist by age 1 or within six months after the first tooth erupts. While most initial office visits are to help acquaint the child with the dentist, we’ll take a quick look at the progress being made. By showing baby that coming to the dentist is easy and enjoyable, we’ll set the stage for smooth appointments in the future. A goody bag with a brand new toothbrush is a reward for your child, and the start of dental health! 

Ages 2-5

Make A Habit: Now is the time to teach great brushing habits and make them routine. Twice a day brushing is optimal, and for two minutes. Set a timer so your child becomes accustomed to the time required to remove feed debris, plaque, and bacteria.

Make It Fun! Brush together! Family teeth brushing may seem silly, but your toddler will love it. From sticker charts, cool toothbrushes, and sparkly toothpaste, make dental care as fun as possible. Some children love to teach their dolls and stuffed animals how to brush. From a patient family dog who will endure a few pretend swipes of a toothbrush to a baby doll toy, having everyone brush makes it a party.

Make Appointments: We’ll be in touch to ensure that regular appointments are on your calendar. By continuous interaction with our dental staff, your child will have no fear or reservations about their visits.

Ages 6-7

Let the wiggling begin! This is the time frame where your child’s teeth will begin falling out. As they loosen, you can bet that your child will enjoy showing off the wiggling motion and playing with it. Let them! This actually minimizes any pain or bleeding caused by a tooth falling out. Don’t forget to celebrate this occasion with stories and coins under a pillow from the Tooth Fairy.

Ages 8-10

You might start to notice that your child’s new teeth aren’t quite as straight as you expected. Ready to explore braces and have questions? We provide all your child needs for properly aligned teeth and jaws, and for the self-confidence of a beautiful smile. 

We offer treatments for children who are 8 to 10 years of age for orthopedic reasons. This treatment develops the jaws and takes advantage of the growth of both the maxilla and mandible. 

For children 10 years and older, traditional braces and clear aligners are popular options. Learn more about our braces options by contacting us today!

Ages 10-17

Get those mouthguards ready! Your commitment to perfection for your children’s teeth will have to be protected as sports come into the picture. We have mouthguards that are worn over the upper teeth to protect against injury during sports participation. A properly fitted mouthguard should be sturdy and durable, easy to clean, comfortable, and resist tears. Our Lansing Dentist will create a custom mouthguard designed to protect teeth and jaws from injury.

Think that mouthguards are only necessary in contact sports? Think again! Athletes in many non-contact sports such as rollerblading, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, baseball, wrestling, and skateboarding experience unnecessary injuries to their teeth, mouth, and jaws that can be prevented by wearing mouthguards. Take the precaution of preventing oral injuries, and remember that the overall cost of repairing a tooth well exceeds the minor cost of a properly fitted mouthguard.

Age 18: 

Prom season and senior pictures are suddenly upon your now grown-up child! We offer whitening options to maximize the stunning smile you’ve taken such care to protect. From a standard cleaning to teeth whitening options, let us help make a gorgeous smile for these amazing life events and cherished memories. For cosmetic care for older teens and adults who 

want a vibrant smile that matches their personality, get in touch with us!

From Baby to Adult:

For all ages, think of dental hygiene as an investment. When your child starts to brush their teeth and floss regularly, they are protecting their teeth and gums. Their risk of cavities and restorative needs are lessened, and they are making habits that they will follow their entire lives. With Trillium Dental, we support families in every step of their dental health journey. By instilling oral hygiene habits, scheduling routine appointments, and reaching out to us with any questions, great or small, we are here to keep you smiling with confidence!

For more information on oral hygiene at all ages, contact our Lansing dentists or call us at 517.485.3444.

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