Trillium Dental Response to COVID-19

Dental care and oral hygiene do not take a break, even during these recent unprecedented events involving COVID-19. Our offices remain open for you this week, and we will continue to treat people according to all safety guidelines to avoid any coronavirus spread, and we want to be available in every aspect of dental procedures to help alleviate any undue burden for emergency rooms and urgent care.

Our office will close next week and stay closed until April 6th as we monitor the situation with COVID-19. We will provide updates for you here and you can message us with any concerns you may have. We will re-assess and plan to attempt to reopen April 6th – pending the current situation in our area.

In the meantime, our office is offering hand sanitizer for all visitors, and disinfectant mouthwash prior to treatment. We have also removed magazines and high touch items. Every surface and area has been meticulously cleaned to an even greater extent to ensure complete safety. Our focus is to maintain a safe environment for our staff and our patients. We treat our patients like family, and we take care of our family.

While you are doing all that you can to stay healthy, remember that oral care is a significant part of overall health. Brushing and flossing are more important than ever since dental hygiene is tied to your everyday wellbeing. Neglected teeth lead to issues like gum disease or dental emergencies–the last things you want to deal with during a time like this. Be proactive through keeping your immune system strong every way that you can.

If you’re uncomfortable leaving your home at this time, we have online smile consultations for March and April! Our goal is to keep you safe and healthy so that when all of this is over, we all have something amazing to smile about.

Have questions or concerns? Trillium Dental is here for you! Call us at (517) 485-3444 for more information.

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