Let’s Talk Teeth! Why You Don’t Need to Fear the Docs at Trillium.

“Blessed are they who hold lively conversations with the helplessly mute, for they shall be called dentists.” -Ann Landers

Does the word “dentist” send you into a panic?

Are you covering your mouth with your hand when you laugh so that others don’t see staining and crooked teeth?

If you’re one of the people who view the dentist in a negative light, you’re in the right place. At Trillium Dental, we love to talk teeth, and we have fun doing it! We understand your anxiety, and we’re here to reassure you that we’ve all been there! From teaching our children how to sit still in the dental chair to making oral hygiene a priority in our own lives, we treat ourselves and our families at Trillium Dental, so we know how you want to be treated. We understand the importance of a positive experience, and we will strive to give you a reason to smile. We work tirelessly to make each dental visit easy, safe, and as pain-free as possible. Our patients are more than patients to us: we consider them friends.

Despite 85% of Americans believing that oral health is very or extremely important to their overall health, only 25% of Americans are extremely satisfied with the health of their mouth, teeth, and gums. Even more surprisingly, only 15% rated their current oral health as excellent. While the importance of seeing a dentist is recognized, many people still avoid scheduling an appointment. What’s stopping them from taking the first step towards excellent oral health? Below, we address frequently discussed concerns and worries, and explain why you should fear no dentist!

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Fear of Pain

“While I have had regular dental check-ups since age 15, a 1949 reaction to injections left me in fear of any major dental “renovation” and in anguish over pain to come,” one of our clients explained. This early dental experience was unpleasant enough that it took her decades to feel ready to explore new dental providers. This experience is true for so many others. But advances in dentistry have been so significant that a vast majority of procedures are pain-free. We take every possible step to ensure that our procedures are as comfortable as possible.

Embarrassing Oral Problems

Many people have unintentionally let their dental health decline, and are now unwilling to show the issues that have resulted, even to their dentist! Whether it’s mouth odors, staining, or crooked teeth, we have seen it all and are unfazed! What we see in even the toughest of cases is your potential smile.

Worry About Anesthesia

If you’re having oral surgery, you may need medicine in your gums to numb your mouth. Once it has been administered, the pain is gone! However, some patients worry that the anesthesia may wear off or not work. We are always paying attention to you, your feelings, and your reactions during a procedure. Modern medicine is so excellent that anesthesia is extremely effective.

Many worry about the after-effects of anesthesia and while being numb or slightly swollen may feel strange, but it is completely normal and temporary. Within a few hours, everything returns to normal. Tell us your concerns and we’ll talk through it together!

Our priority is your comfort, and we monitor every aspect of your experience to make it a positive one.

My Mouth Seems Fine to Me!

A quick glance inside your mouth in the mirror may feel like you’ve given yourself your own exam, but it doesn’t count. Only a dentist can actually diagnose issues that aren’t visible to your eyes or that you may have missed. Prevention is also easier than restoration. This means that regularly scheduled dental visits will prevent problems from developing, and will keep your mouth in beautiful condition. By routinely visiting the dentist, you will learn about problems before they are serious — preventing costly restorative treatments to repair damage that could have been prevented in the first place.

What We Offer

It’s a fact: having a healthy mouth is a vital aspect of your overall health. Keep in mind that medical conditions and changes can also affect your oral health, so informing your dentist of them is essential. Continuity of care is key for top oral hygiene. From dental implants to cosmetic bonding, we provide preventative, cosmetic, restorative services, and more, all in an atmosphere of comfort so that you feel at ease, no matter the treatment. To provide the best dental care possible, our doctors employ traditional methods while also embracing and integrating the newest advances in dental technology. Since 1993, we have provided high-quality care in a positive, comfortable and nurturing environment.

With Trillium, the only “plaque” you’ll see on our watch are our awards for Top Dentist! The proof is in the reviews! Don’t believe us? Cathlene H. says, “I always HATED to go to the dentist, but not since going to Trillium. Everyone there is wonderful!” We want everyone to have the same experience and enthusiasm for their oral health.

If you’re nervous, tell us! We will do everything we can to make you feel reassured and relaxed. Your journey to a clean mouth begins with your comfort and confidence. Our job isn’t only to make your smile bright, but to make your visit bright, too!

At Trillium Dental, there are so many reasons to keep smiling. Schedule your visit to meet our experienced and dedicated staff, who will use good old compassion and concern along with state-of-the-art technology to handle all of your dental needs right in our office.

For more information on how to feel comfortable at the dentist, contact our Lansing dentists or call us at 517.485.3444.

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