Savings Plan

The Trillium Savings Plan

Affordable Options with the Trillium Savings Plan

From limited dental insurance to none at all, we will work with you to make our top-quality dental care a possibility for your budget. We offer a way to save on dental costs with an in-house savings plan. 

The Trillium Dental Savings Plan is offered for anyone needing to space out payments and explore how to best finance any procedure. We offer competitive pricing and urge you to reach out so we can help you maintain your oral health, despite financial limits. Don’t let financial worries stand in the way of important dental care. 

Avoid the snowball effect from not doing any checkups and potentially creating more serious issues by having preventive and scheduled cleanings as part of your oral health plan. These quick appointments allow our dentists to evaluate your well-being, rule out any issues like cavities, and send you on your way knowing that your mouth is in the best shape possible. 

This commitment to your oral hygiene not only prevents greater problems from arising, but keeps your cost at a minimum. Current checkups keep long term problems at bay, allowing you to minimize issues and proceed through life without worry.

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